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This theme focuses upon the kind of activities that can be defined as career development needs of both mid-career and experienced researchers. Since these needs of these two groups are possibly fewer in number than the needs of new career researchers it is felt that they should be placed under one theme. However, the work programme may need to identify which of these two target groups the respective activities are primarily aimed at. Also some of the needs of these two groups may be addressed in other programme themes hence this must focus primarily on other areas for capacity-building. For example, at the core of this programme theme could be the aim of trying to overcome many of the structural constrains identified in the consultation exercise that have perhaps limited the development of educational research in the past. In particular, the need for greater inter- and multi-disciplinary research should be encouraged in the form of large research grant applications and the recognition that a range of approaches and skills could make a significant contribution to the research project. Similarly this programme theme may wish to examine ways of increasing the impact research has on policy and practice.

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6 -7 October 2003, Applying for large scale grant funding, Glasgow
This is a two-day workshop and seminar for established researchers who are considering or are in the process of applying for large-scale research grant funding. The workshop is led by experienced researchers who have been successful in obtaining such grants (30 places). For more information please click here.

January 2004
The role of inter-disciplinary research in teaching and learning; Seminar (Oxford – repeated in Birmingham, April 2004); 15 places

April 2004
The role of inter-disciplinary research in teaching and learning; Seminar (Birmingham – repeated from Oxford, January, 2004); 15 places

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Guide to Natural Histories of Research
This is a helpful guide to natural histories of research by Martyn Hammersley (The Open University). This may be useful to experienced researchers who wish to write about their approache(s) to research. In doing this experienced researchers will be able to contribute to the development of new career researchers.

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