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The Intelligent Qualitative Analysis Program
One-day workshop
Friday 13th February 2003

Venue: Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham, University of Gloucestershire

Workshop Leader: Ed Brent, President Idea Works Inc, Columbia, US

An evaluation summary of this event is now available

Qualrus characterises a new generation of qualitative analysis software program that uses an array of intelligent computational strategies to assist with coding, and qualitative data analysis. It is designed from ground up to establish new standards for qualitative analysis software. Qualrus stresses flexibility of research methodology and does not force any particular research style on the researcher. It can be used for the full range of qualitative research approaches, including grounded theory in which concepts emerge from the data, cultural analysis, interpretive methods, domain analysis, semiotics, life histories, deconstruction, bracketing, experiential analysis, and narratives.

The workshop will be led by Ed Brent, the author of Qualrus, and will begin with an introduction to the software package. Ed will then attempt to cover a range of features unique to Qualrus, including the use of multimedia such as audio and video files and how Qualrus can be used as a web browser to navigate among web pages, selectively coding and saving copies of HTML sources as desired. The workshop will suit those who may have already looked at the software and attempted to use it to a limited extent, in addition to complete beginners (however you should already have some idea about what your approach to qualitative data will be). N.B. The course does not teach you ‘how to do’ qualitative data analysis per se.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own data with them to fully see the benefit of using Qualrus. Similarly, if participants have particular needs or datasets that they would like to focus upon then they are encouraged to contact Ed Brent prior to the event (the RCBN will provide his contact details to participants).

If you are interested in attending this event then please contact the RCBN or complete a booking form (available below).

The cost of the event is free to members of the TLRP, and all travel and other costs can be met by the RCBN for TLRP researchers. For more information about financial support in attending this event please contact the RCBN. For non-TLRP researchers there is a notional cost of £10 per person. Lunch and refreshments are included.The RCBN is very grateful for the assistance given by Professor Mary Fuller, Steve Treble and Josephine Horler in the organisation of this event.


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