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The impact and dissemination of teaching and learning research is at the forefront of the entire Teaching and Learning Research Programme. Indeed, the TLRP Director's Team have made this one of their main objectives. For more information on the TLRP's strategy for impact and dissemination, including useful resources please visit the TLRP website or click here.

The resources provided here by the RCBN are supplemental to those provided by the TLRP.


RCBN Activities (return to top)

As a direct result of discussions with the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA) the RCBN has set up an Impact and Dissemination Discussion Board. This is intended to provide a forum for discussions arising from the LSDA's Models of Research Impact (pdf format) publication but is open for contributions to any debates or queries relating to impact and dissemination issues. Instead of dowloading the full report in pdf format you can read a summary of the LSDA's report in HTML format here.


References (return to top)

Nutley, S., Percy-Smith, J. and Solesbury, W. (2003) Models of research impact: a cross-sector review of literature and practice. London: Learning and Skills Development Agency.
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Building Research Capacity journal

Elliott, J (2002) What is applied research in education? Building Research Capacity, 3, pp.7-10

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Smalley, N and Scourfield, J (2003) Setting up a research project web site, Building Research Capacity, 6, pp.3-4


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