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The Educational Future and Innovative Qualitative Research: International Perspectives

3rd & 4th February, 2005

TLRP Research Capacity Building Network (RCBN) Qualitative Research Seminar Series hosted by the Education and Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

*NEW* An evaluation report of this event is available here.


This international event is the 4th and final seminar in the RCBN-supported series Qualitative research in teaching and learning: quality, innovation and future directions, co-hosted by the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. As the culmination of the series, the seminar will explore international perspectives on possible futures for qualitative research, led by five speakers who are working at the leading edge of methodological and critical development in education and the social sciences. To allow for lively discussion and participation by all seminar members, this will be a two-day event.

Invited speakers
Patti Lather, Ohio State University
Scientism and Scientificity in the Rage for Accountability: A Feminist Deconstruction

Jennifer Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Engaging with values in evaluation, qualitative and otherwise.

Erica Burman, Manchester Metropolitan University
Beyond 'emotional literacy' in feminist research

Bronwyn Davies, University of Western Sydney, Australia
The place of "experience" in data and data analysis - an examination of
research subjects talking and writing about experience.

Neil Mercer, Open University
Studying teaching-and-learning as a dynamic, temporal process

If you are interested in attending this event then please contact the RCBN or complete a booking form (available from the RCBN website). All contact details are below.

The cost of the event is free to members of the TLRP, and all travel and other costs can be met by the RCBN for TLRP researchers. For more information about financial support in attending this event please contact the RCBN. For non-TLRP researchers there is a cost of £35 per person. Lunch and refreshments are included.

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