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Research approaches to revealing tacit knowledge

One-day workshop
Phillips Room, Institute of Physics, London
Tuesday 25 May 2004

Facilitators: Michael Eraut (Project LiNEA) Stephen Steadman (Project LiNEA)
Chris Fessey (former ESRC research fellow at Sussex University)



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As views of knowledge diversify, it is apparent that not all knowledge is readily accessible to researchers or even consciously evident to their research participants. This workshop addresses the gap between the knowledge articulated by research participants and the tacit knowledge that they deploy in settings under research. How can taken-for-granted assumptions formed in the knowledge contexts in which research participants are immersed become more explicit to researchers?

This one-day event is an intensive workshop for researchers who are interested in developing understanding and skills in revealing tacit knowledge. The workshop will provide the opportunity to clarify thinking about uncovering that which is tacit, and in particular, to highlight the special difficulties that may arise. There will also be opportunities for researchers to reflect on the applicability of a range of available techniques including; questioning approaches, observation and the use of mediating devices. There is a practical component to the workshop where participants will engage in activities to develop their skills and trial new research approaches. Finally the programme includes consideration of subsequent data handling.

The workshop is led by Prof Michael Eraut, Stephen Steadman and Chris Fessey from the University of Sussex. Michael Eraut and Stephen Steadman are currently co-grant holders on the ESRC/TLRP funded Project LiNEA that, methodologically, has been concerned with addressing the omission of tacit knowledge in studies of professional learning.

The cost of the event is free to members of the TLRP, and all travel and other costs can be met by the RCBN for TLRP researchers. For more information about financial support in attending this event please contact the RCBN. For non-TLRP researchers there is a notional cost of £20 per person. Lunch and refreshments are included.


09.45 – 10.00 Welcome and registration (tea and coffee will be available).
10.00 – 11.00

A plenary awareness raising session.

11.00 – 11.15

Tea and coffee.

11.15 – 13.00
Preparing for discourse.
Observing and interviewing.
13.00 – 13.45
Buffet lunch.
13.45 – 14.30 Observing and interviewing continued.
14.30 – 15.30
Examining the data.
15.45 – 16.30
A final plenary.
16.30 Close.

If you are interested in attending this event then please contact the RCBN or complete a booking form.

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