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RCBN Seminar Series
2003 - 2004
In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University


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This seminar series provides a forum for debate and discussion about the present use of, and future directions for qualitative research within teaching and learning, and educational research more generally. The series addresses the ways in which qualitative research is conducted within teaching and learning arenas and, how qualitative data are used to inform scholars, practitioners and policy makers. In particular the series considers issues of quality within qualitative research, in a context of methodological consolidation, development and innovation. The series is jointly organised by the TLRP Research Capacity Building Network (RCBN) at Cardiff University and Manchester Metropolitan University.



Seminar 3: Situating qualitative research in evidence-based research and
systematic review agendas

Thursday 24th June 2004
Tapton Halls of Residence, University of Sheffield
Where does qualitative research fit in current political agendas for educational research? This seminar presents perspectives on the possibilities and realities of qualitative research for teaching and learning researchers in the evidence-based and systematic review agendas of public policy-makers. For further information and booking, please click here.

Seminar 2: Developing research capacity in qualitative inquiry

Wednesday 12th May 2004
New Hall, Cambridge University

This one-day seminar explores some of the tensions and possibilities of developing research capacity in contexts of qualitative inquiry. While policy-makers and funding agencies are increasingly focusing on the capacity of researchers to carry out “quality” research, this seminar examines how qualitative researchers are responding to these demands. It presents a range of views on the commensurability of qualitative research with current conceptions of capacity building, and the extent to which the interests and intentions of qualitative research can be situated within these current frameworks. For further information and booking, please click here.

Seminar 1: Quality in qualitative research: setting a new agenda

Thursday 4th December 2003
11am (with coffee from 10.30). The seminar will finish by 4pm

This seminar will consider the implications for educational research of the recently published report Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence (commissioned by the UK Government Chief Researcher’s Office). The seminar will also provide an opportunity for discussion about the content and format of future seminars.

Full details of the report are as follows:
Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence (2003)
Authors: Liz Spencer, Jane Richie, Jane Lewis and Lucy Dillon, National Centre for Social Research, Government Chief Social Researcher’s Office.

Copies of the report can be obtained from the RCBN office, or a web version is available directly from the cabinet office (

Room 0.11, Simon Building
Manchester Metropolitan University
Institute of Education
799 Wilmslow Road
Manchester M20 2RR

Maps & locations available on the MMU website at: [Didsbury Campus] [Manchester area]

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