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MS Powerpoint slides provided by the ESDS*

These provide background information on the Economic and Social Data Service and how to deposit and archive both 'quantitative' and 'qualitative' data. These are very useful for all ESRC-funded research projects. You can download or access these powerpoint slides used in presentations for free. There are four presentations altogether, all listed below with more detail about their content. The RCBN are extremely grateful to the ESDS for providing us with these presentations.

Instructions to download/access these MS Powerpoint slides:
To download any of these presentations mouse right-click (PC users) or Control and mouse click (MAC users) on the name of the presentation you want. Select 'Save Target As...' from the pop-up menu. Then save the file as normal. To view the presentation directly from your internet browser (if possible) just mouse left-click on the name of the presentation you want.

Presentation 1: Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)

> Overview and background of the ESDS
> Services of the ESDS (ESDS Management; ESDS Access and Preservation; ESDS Government; ESDS International; ESDS Longitudinal; ESDS Qualidata)
> Capacity-building and training

Presentation 2: ESRC Datasets Policy and Qualitative Data Preparation (Gill Blackhouse, ESDS)

> ESRC Datasets Policy
> Legal and ethical issues (data preparation, copyright, confidentiality, and consent)
> Depositing data with the ESDS

Presentation 3: Qualitative Data Preparation and Use (John Southall, ESDS)

> 'Good' research collection
> Intellectual content
> Extensive raw data
> Supporting documentation
> Consent in qualitative research
> Anonymisation of qualitative research
> Listing research
> Archivable research data

Presentation 4: Quantitative Data Preparation (Alisdair Crockett, ESDS)

> 'Good' quantitative datasets
> Accuracy of data
> Labelling of data
> Supporting documentation
> Table of good and bad data/documentation formats

* These slides were first presented at the RCBN workshop 'Using Archive Data Sources for Teaching and Learning Research' at Essex University on 4 June 2003. To find out more about this RCBN event please click here.


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