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The first stage of our work was to undertake an extensive consultation exercise to identify priorities for research capacity-building and to generate a database of expertise from across the UK educational research community.

The consultation has included so far:

  • Interviews with thirty key stakeholders representing many constituencies of the education system;
  • Over five hundred responses to our consultation survey from members of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme, the British Educational Research Association, the Learning Skills Research Network, and from many other educational researchers;
  • A review of the education research literature; and
  • Consultation with individual researchers and projects from the Teaching and Learning Research Programme.

If you wish to contribute to our consultation exercise then you can complete our Consultation Survey, or contact us directly. The Consultation Survey allows you to outline your current use and 'training' needs for a wide range of research methods and methodologies. After completing the Survey we will then be very happy to discuss your individual needs in more detail.

You may send us your completed Consultation Survey using the following FREEPOST address:

Research Capacity Building Network
Cardiff University School of Social Sciences
CF10 3GZ

The overall consultation exercise will generate a series of reports, including an outline of our research capacity-building priorities.

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