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Phase III | Full Phase III Specifications

This work is an extension of that undertaken by the Research Capacity-building Network for TLRP Phases I and II. Like that work it is covered by standard ethical guidelines for the conduct of social science research as published by the British Educational Research Association. However capacity-building during commissioning of research is an innovative venture for the ESRC. We will be acting in response to requests for advice at the preliminary stage, and working more intensively with all short-listed proposals. We therefore suggest the following additional specific guidelines:

  • No one linked to a Phase III proposal will be eligible to be part of the Network, while they remain also part of the competition for funding.

  • The Network activities, as described in the proposal, will not be available to applicants from Cardiff University (University of Wales, Cardiff). To retain equity, if necessary, we will use consultants from other institutions to assist applicants from Cardiff University (to an extent equivalent to that below).

  • Other than noted above, the Network will deal even-handedly with all potential applicants.

  • The members of the Network, contacts (see below) and consultants will not take part in the refereeing process for Phase III.

  • Members of the Network will not discuss any proposals with anyone outside the Network, other than the applicants themselves and any consultants agreed with the applicants.

  • During the call for outline proposals all potential applicants who request assistance from the Network will be entitled to a maximum of two hours help.

  • After the short-listing process, each applicant will be assigned a Network contact or 'buddy' who, as far as possible, has relevant experience in both the substantive and methodological area of the bid. The time commitment of this contact will depend on the number of short-listed bids, the size and scale of each specific bid, and the expressed needs of the applicants. When the number and scale of short-listed bids is made public, we will publish the minimum time that contacts will work with all bids.

  • Wherever possible advice and comments from contacts and consultants will be made in writing.

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