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The first stage to developing your research expertise is to identify your research needs. These needs are often defined by the research project you are currently working on. Although there are immediate and practical advantages in addressing these particular needs you should also consider your future research needs.

The needs of researchers can be divided into two forms: methodological needs and career development needs. The RCBN can help facilitate both sets of needs.

Methodological Needs

Methodological needs can be identified for any part of the research process. They can include the design of a research project, sampling strategies, techniques for triangulating findings, methods for collecting data, tools and approaches for the analysis of data, and conceptual and theoretical development.

The RCBN can assist in developing your expertise in any of these areas. Our activities range from organising training workshops in the use of particular tools or methods, such as qualitative data analysis software or the use of numerical data in research, to more general methodological concerns, such as how to combine data and methods or how to design research projects to have greater impact on practitioners and policy-makers.

Career Development Needs

Although not totally distinct from methodological needs, career development needs are those that will help build your career as an educational researcher. They include the need to continually develop your research expertise, but also encompass a range of career skills, such as getting published, writing grant applications, and managing complex projects.

Your Needs and the RCBN

The RCBN have undertaken an extensive consultation exercise in order to identify the capacity-building needs of educational researchers, both for individuals and the research community as a whole. The results of this have helped us outline and prioritise our activities.Since the capacity-building needs of researchers are very broad the RCBN organise their activities with three groups of researchers in mind:

i. New career researchers
ii. Mid-career researchers
iii. Established researchers

Part of this consultation exercise was to survey the research needs of educational researchers. If you have not already participated in this then you may find completing our survey helpful in identifying some of your own research needs. You can obtain a copy of the survey by clicking here. You may also contact us at any time to discuss your research needs or for any further assistance in identifying your needs.

What Next?

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Once you have identified your needs how best can they be met and how the RCBN can help you do this.

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