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Issue 8 May 2004 Contents:

Page 1 A summary of 'Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence (R Boyask)
Page 3 A response to Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence (E Murphy and R Dingwall)
Page 5 Government Regulation of Qualitative Evaluation (S Kushner)
Page 8 'Quality in Qualitative Evaluation - a (very) critical response (H Torrance)
Page 11 RCBN Seminar Series
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 7 February 2004 Contents:

Page 1 Building capacity for teaching and learning research (R Boyask, G Rees and C Taylor)
Page 2 Qualitative data analysis: the call for transparency (J Ritchie and L Spencer)
Page 4 Using computers in qualitative research: A review of software packages (M Williams, B Mason and E Renold)
Page 7 What is 'triangulation'? (S Gorard and C Taylor)
Page 9 Meta-analysis and qualitative data: Insights from the history of probability (R Godfrey)
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 6 May 2003 Contents:

Page 1 Editorial
Page 1 Increasing the impact and value of research in education (B Levin)
Page 3 Setting up a research project web site (N Smalley and J Scourfield)
Page 5 Investigating classroom interaction using computerised observation (F Smith and F Hardman)
Page 7 Complementarity between longitudinal studies (R Crozier)
Page 10 The ESRC Research Methods Programme (A Dale)
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 5 February 2003 Contents:

Page 1 Editorial: Building Research Capacity - one year on
Page 2 Making educational research fit for purpose? A hermeneutic response (M Hammersley)
Page 5 The culture wars affect research methods: A report from the USA (W. A. Firestone)
Page 6 Positivism's progressive past (T Steele)
Page 9 Anyone can calculate conditional probabilities (S Gorard)
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 4 November 2002 Contents:

Page 1 Editorial
Page 1 A realist scheme for social explanation: on 'numbers and narratives' (R Nash)
Page 4 Contracts with research participants: degrees of appropriateness (M Bradshaw)
Page 6 What is an effect size? (R Coe)
Page 9 Handling occupational information (P Lambert)
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 3 July 2002 Contents:

Page 1 Editorial
Page 1 Understanding and explicating the design experiment methodology (E Kelly and R Lesh)
Page 3 Using vignettes in qualitative research (E Renold)
Page 5 Belief and subjectivity in research: an introduction to Bayesian theory (K Roberts)
Page 7 What is applied research in education? (J Elliott)
Page 10 Report on the RCBN Consultation Exercise (C Taylor)

Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 2 April 2002 Contents:

Page 1 Editorial (S Gorard, K Roberts and C Taylor)
Page 2 The challenge of Building Research Capacity (A Pollard)
Page 3 Measuring quantities: the qualitative foundation of quantity (K Prandy)
Page 4 What do statistical tests signify? (S Gorard)
Page 5 Reflections on the history of qualitative research in education (A Coffey)
Page 8 Using computer-mediated communication in educational research (N Selwyn)
Page 10 Theories, hypotheses, hunches and ignorance (P Tymms and C Fitz-Gibbon)
Page 12 RCBN News

Issue 1 January 2002 Contents:

Page 1 Welcome to Building Research Capacity (S Gorard and C Taylor)
Page 2 Introduction to the ESRC TLRP Research Capacity Building Network (S Gorard)
Page 3 Workshop evaluation: Introduction to Evidence Based Practice (P White)
Page 4 Research design for the rigorous evaluation of complex educational interventions (L Moore)
Page 6 Recent RCBN activities
Page 8 Forthcoming events


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