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Recent additions to the main RCBN webpages are logged here in reverse chronological order. This provides a quick and easy way of finding out what has been updated on our website.

To see the latest up-to-date information on RCBN-organised capacity-building activities please go to the RCBN Activities webpage. Similarly, for the latest non-RCBN events please visit the Noticeboard. (These are updated regularly).

3 - 4 February 2005

An evaluation summary by Professor Maggie MacLure for the seminar The Educational Future and Qualitative Research: International Perspectives is available here.

15 December 2004 An evaluation for the training workshop Design and Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials has been added to the website here.
2 - 3 December 2004 Life beyond the TLRP: A two day conference for contract and early career researchers to be held in Edinburgh. Please click here for more details.
1 October 2004 Latest edition (Issue 8) of Building Research Capacity journal has been added to the website.
2 July 2004

Resources from the very well-received seminar, Situating Qualitative Research in Evidence-based Research and Systematic Review Agendas, are now available online. Visit the RCBN Resources page to access them. There are other references available for the seminar from the RCBN office.

Also new is this page, where you can find out about the BERA/RCBN Master-Classes for Autumn 2004.


27 May 2004

Two presentations from recent RCBN events, Using video in teaching and learning research and Developing research capacity in qualitative inquiry, have been added to the site. Visit the RCBN Resources page to access them. Further references for both of these events can be obtained by emailing the RCBN office.


26 April 2004 A summary evaluation of the RCBN workshop on Qualrus™: The Intelligent Qualitative Analysis Program, 25 March 2004, can now be accessed here.
22 April 2004 A summary evaluation of the RCBN supported event on Designing and Analysing Representational Probes, 25 March 2004, can now be accessed here. An additional report by Professor john.K.Gilbert, Institute of Education, University of Reading is also available.

8 March 2004 Clare Davies has replaced Rosie Lyne as Project Administrator. Rachel Prosser (Administrative Support) has also joined the RCBN. All our contact details remain the same.
3 Nov 2003 Dr Ruth Boyask from New Zealand joins the RCBN as our Programme Coordinator. Her main task will be in overseeing the delivery of the RCBN programme of events that have been outlined until Dec 2004.
13 June 2003

Four new presentations can be downloaded from the RCBN website on the background to the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) and guidance on depositing and archiving data at the UK Data Archive. These are available from the 'Use of Large-Scale Secondary Datasets' theme page under the Resources heading.

30 May 2003 A new theme page has been created in RCBN Activities for 'Impact and dissemination in teaching and learning research'. This will eventually contain, for example, information on models of research impact.
29 May 2003

The 'Building a Research Career' theme page in RCBN Activities has now been updated with new resources that will be useful for new researchers.

23 May 2003 Issue 6 of 'Building Research Capacity' is now available online. Please visit the Publications page to download a copy.
1 April 2003 The RCBN have a new project administrator, Rosie Lyne. All our existing contact details remain the same, including our new email
26 March 2003 The RCBN are calling for applications for Small Capacity-Building Grants. To see more details about this scheme please click here.
12 March 2003

An on-line discussion board has been established to continue the debates that arose from the Role of Numbers seminars across the UK. To contribute or follow the discussion please visit the Role of Numbers Discussion Board.

19 February 2003 Change of contact details. With Helen Taylor's departure (see below) we have taken the opportunity to introduce a generic email address for contacting the RCBN. Our new email address is
19 February 2003 Change of RCBN staff. Helen Taylor (our project administrator) and Karen Roberts have now left the RCBN. Dr Amanda Coffey and Dr Neil Selwyn have joined the RCBN Executive Group.
19 February 2003 New RCBN resources have been added to this website. Please visit RCBN Activities and follow the link to 'New Resources'.
24 January 2003 The RCBN Recommended References have been updated to include sections on Qualitative methods and Discourse analysis.
4 December 2002 Issue 4 of 'Building Research Capacity' is now available online. Please visit the Publications page to download a copy.
21 November 2002 The RCBN Activities section of the website has been substantially updated. The RCBN Activities button now links to a sister website providing information on all RCBN activities. At this site, you can view activities and events by themes and chronologically and you can access an archive of past events (inlcuding evaluations), Learning Networks and discussion boards.
15 August 2002 The RCBN website now includes a Research Resources Catalogue, an on-line listing of resources relevant to educational and social research methods and capacity building.
5 August 2002 Issue 3 of 'Building Research Capacity' is now available online. Please visit the Publications page to download a copy.
26 July 2002 An evaluation of the RCBN activity 'Introduction to Complex Project Management' is now available on-line. Please click here to view the evaluation.
4 July 2002 The RCBN website now has a search facility. If you are having difficulty finding the information you require, please visit the search page and search the RCBN web pages.
28 June 2002 The Site Index page has now been updated. To view the Site Index, click here.
26 June 2002 A Contract Researchers Conference has been organised by the RCBN. If you interested in this 2-day conference, please visit the RCBN Activities page for further details.
20 June 2002 An Action Research Conference is taking place in November at Cardiff University and is being jointly organised by the RCBN. If you are interested in attending, please visit the RCBN Activities page for details of the Conference and a booking form.
20 June 2002

RCBN Activity Booking forms and RCBN Evaluation forms are now accessible from the RCBN Activities page.

1 June 2002

RCBN website relaunched. New features include:
Your Needs - outlines how the RCBN can help in developing an individual's research expertise and offers guidance on how to identify their own research capacity-building needs.
Consultation - sets out the RCBN's consultation exercise used to help determine our programme of capacity-building activities.
Search - a useful way of finding particular information or resources from our website.


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