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The RCBN offers a range of services to help you meet your research needs. Here is a guide to what we can offer:

RCBN Activities
These are activities, including workshops, conferences, seminars, and any other material, that the RCBN have put together and arranged, using expertise from within or invited from outside the RCBN. We have a continuous programme of activities so keep checking this website for future events.
These activities are made available to all researchers, and free to researchers on the Teaching and Learning Research Programme.
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There are many capacity-building activities being run and organised by other organisations, such as the Centre for Applied Social Surveys in Southampton and the ESRC Summer School in Essex. Our Noticeboard is regularly updated with such events that may be of interest to educational researchers. Where necessary researchers on the Teaching and Learning Programme may apply to the RCBN for financial assistance in meeting the costs of attending these externally-organised events.
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Publications and Recommended References
You may find that some of your research needs can be met by reading about particular methodological debates or by finding advice and guidance on the use of particular methods.
The RCBN publish articles and guides, including our own journal 'Building Research Capacity', for the particular needs of educational researchers. However, if you cannot find what you want from these then have a look through our Recommended References. This contains a list of references that are felt to be of some interest to educational researchers, including journal articles, research methods text books and books on the development of scholarly thinking.
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As discussed above there are many organisations outside the RCBN that offer research training workshops, organise conferences and provide on-line guidance in the use of particular research methods. There are also a a number of organisations that provide data via the internet. You can access these organisations very easily from this website.

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The RCBN Archives
Where possible we keep an archive of all activities that we have organised and events that we have advertised. If there is a particular activity that you have missed then let us know. We may have associated resources that could be of use, and, if there is enough demand, we could repeat the activity. The archives can be found on the RCBN Activities and Noticeboard pages.

Where possible the RCBN try to make documentary evaluations of every activity organised and advertised available. These can be useful in identifying their applicability to your needs and in judging the quality of such events. Since our evaluation strategy identifies the extent to which capacity-building events are useful in participants' work these documentary evaluations can also provide examples of how new skills or knowledge can be implemented in your own work. Evaluations are made available, where possible, for all future events, both RCBN and non-RCBN activities. Alternatively, our archive of events (see above) may contain the required documentary evaluations.

Can't find what you are looking for?
If you cannot find what you are looking for then please do contact us. We may be able to point you in the right direction or we will try and find the information or resource you need.

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Once you have found and consumed the necessary resource or activity it is useful to reflect back on your research needs.

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