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For any research capacity-building activity to be successful in developing your research expertise it is important that you correctly identified your research needs in the first place. It is also of equal importance that you reflect back on the activity to see if your personal objectives have been met.

In order to help you do this the RCBN have devised an Evaluation Strategy that encourages you to consider capacity-building as a continual learning process. If you participate in any of our events or register for any non-RCBN event through us, you will be encouraged to complete one or more of our evaluation forms. These are designed to get you to consider what your personal objectives are in participating in a given event, how well the activity met these, and to what extent you have been able to use your new skills or knowledge in your own work.

Thinking about each capacity-building activity in this way will help you identify your future research needs and how best they can be met.

If you haven't been given one of these forms or are attending a training event not through the RCBN you may wish to still complete our evaluation forms or read through our Evaluation Strategy. To do this please click here.

We would very much like to see your comments so that we can include them (anonymously) in our on-line documentary evaluations for other researchers. Alternatively, feel free to use these resources for you own personal benefit.

We also welcome any comments you have on the resources or activities we provide or advertise. In particular, please contact us with any suggestions for new or additional activities or resources.

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Whether your original research needs have been met or not hopefully you are keen to continue developing your research expertise!

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This page was last updated 11th February 2004