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These lists contain references related to research capacity building that can be accessed by selecting one of the topics listed at the top of this page. Although these lists cannot be exhaustive, they contain references compiled by the RCBN in the course of our activities as well as those recommended to us by TLRP researchers.

Some references have reviews that can be accessed directly from the bibliographic information. Alternatively, all reviews can be viewed via the dedicated link, below. We aim to update the categories and references as often as possible.

Methodological References Database
In addition, the RCBN is in the process of compiling a database of social science research methods texts. This can be downloaded by clicking here and opened as a Reference Manager or Endnote file. More information about this database can be obtained here.

Reviews of methodological texts and resources
This section contains short reviews of methodological texts. We invite all educational researchers to submit reviews for inclusion in this section. As such, the reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of TLRP and/or RCBN researchers but only the named contributing reviewer.

We very much welcome suggestions for other references and/or reviews. If you have any such suggestions then please let us know. You can get our contact details by clicking here.

Note: As our policy for listing references is inclusive, items listed are not necessarily recommended by just the RCBN. Similarly, views expressed in reviews reflect only the opinions of the individual authors.

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