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Research Capacity Building Network


From 2001 to 2005 the RCBN, co-ordinated from Cardiff University, was commissioned to:

  1. review the research resources available within the Programme and beyond and identify opportunities for adding value and collaboration;

  2. support research capacity building activities and training within the Programme;

  3. disseminate ideas and training on capacity building for the wider research community, including active researchers in ‘user’ and ‘practitioner’ communities.


Particular priorities were:

  • the development of skills in the design, conduct and management of quantitative studies, including experimental, quasi-experimental and survey techniques, capable of evaluating the effects of teaching and learning upon learners’ attainment across various contexts,
  • enhancing the theoretical and conceptual bases for such studies;
  • the articulation / combination of qualitative approaches with quantitative studies;
  • the greater utilisation of inter-disciplinary theories and methods;
  • the transformation of research based knowledge through to its embodiment in practices relevant to enhancing learner attainment.

Resources arising from these activities are available on the archive of the Cardiff RCBN website. Of particular interest are: activities by theme; links and resources. The Journal Building Research Capacity can also be accessed from this site.

Major elements of the RCBN Website are now maintained on the main TLRP website.


Archive of the Cardiff RCBN website

The archive has a menu at the top of the page to navigate around the RCBN website. The buttons link to: about RCBN; activities; resources; news; site map; search. Each page also has its own navigation buttons located to the left.

The activities and news are now out of date but the Resources button links to material that will still be of interest. The Search button will also help you to find resources on particular themes.


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