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 TLRP-Technology Enhanced Learning

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N.B: These archive pages record the commissioning process of the TLRP Technology Enhanced Learning phase. For information on current TLRP-TEL activity go to

TEL E-Team (2006-2008)

  • Dr Richard Cox is Reader in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex.
  • His background is in psychology, education, and AI in education.
  • He was Principal Investigator of the Phase III TLRP 'Vicarious learning' project.
  • Richard has conducted research on interactive learning environments, human reasoning (including clinical reasoning), diagrammatic reasoning, case-based teaching, and individual differences.
  • He now leads the TLRP-TEL Technology Enhanced Research thematic strand and is a member of the TLRP-TEL Advisory group.
  • Professor Diana Laurillard is based at the London Knowledge Lab, and is responsible for building collaborative projects with educators, the ICT industry, and policy-makers.
  • Her previous role as Head of the e-Learning Strategy Unit at the DfES included responsibility for the e-Learning Research Call.
  • Current interests include theory-based design of e-learning tools and resources, students' conceptions and misconceptions, approaches to learning, and flexible learning activity design tools for teachers.
  • Diana is Principal Investigator on the TLRP-TEL LDSE project
  • Professor Josie Taylor is Director of the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University.
  • Her background is in Cognitive Sciences and AI.
  • Her research focuses on the nature of technology augmented learning, the semiotic and technological contexts in which it occurs, and the design of systems to support such learning.
  • This includes systems design, interface, interaction and activity design, as well as user requirements and evaluation.
  • She is a part of the EU-funded MOBilearn project, and the Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning Initiative.
  • Josie is a member of the TLRP-TEL Advisory group.










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