Teacher Education Research Network (TERN)

Building Research Capacity in Teacher Education

NB This page describes the 2008-2009 ESRC-funded project* that piloted and established a successful research capacity building network in teacher education that the North West Universities’ Education Federation (NWUEF), of which our participating universities are members, is now supporting and funding. 

What is the TERN project about?
The TERN project is piloting a strong and sustainable model for research capacity building in Teacher Education across a collaborative network of seven regional universities in the North West of England. The model is being developed through a blended learning approach consisting of face-to-face workshops and a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) platform.

The project is testing the potential of this model for developing regional, institutional and individual research capacity and for building a coherent research infrastructure on a larger scale.

Why are we doing this project?
The current context of teacher education research in England raises a number of issues for research capacity building:

The TERN project has relevance to these issues in teacher education, as it will contribute to critical understanding of the conditions and processes impacting on the development of researchers. It also aims to contribute to research capacity-building in the field by developing a sustainable model for supporting high quality research in teacher education.

Who will benefit?

The Project overview can be downloaded here

*The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has been engaged in developing pilot work in Education as a means of testing possible future models for sustaining and extending capacity building in the field. The basis of the pilot activity has been supporting capacity building networks which enable a broad spectrum of researchers at different stages of their academic career to engage with experienced and active researchers as a means of building capacity in the field. The Council is currently funding three pilot networks. These are:


The Project overview can be downloaded here

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