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 Prof David Bridges

 Von Hugel Institute
 St Edmund's College

 Tel:0117 9287025


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     Thematic Seminar Series

The Epistemological Basis of Educational Research Findings

Prof David Bridges (University of Cambridge)

Seminar Summary

The central questions which this piece of work will address are to do with the warrant or level of confidence which educational research (of different kinds) can provide for decisions about what should be done in terms of general educational policy across a whole system or practice at classroom level. It will therefore address specifically the claims made by the contemporary discourses of ‘evidence based practice’ and ‘what works’, but it will locate these within a wider framework of literature which examines the relationship between research, policy and practice (including considerations to do with the derivation of practice from policy as well as policy and practice from research).

The work will be carried out by a group of sixteen philosophers of education who will focus on some specific forms of educational research (including action research, large population studies, case study and life history) as well as some of the more generic issues.

Material relating to this work will be made available at as it is developed.



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