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 Prof Richard Daugherty

 Richard Watermeyer
 School of Social Sciences
 Cardiff University



     Thematic Seminar Series

Assessment of Significant Learning Outcomes

Seminar Summary  Seminar Programme

Prof Richard Daugherty (Cardiff University )
Prof Paul Black (King's College, London)
Dr. Kathryn Ecclestone (Oxford Brookes)
Prof Mary James (Institute of Education, University of London )
Dr. Paul Newton (QCA, London)

Seminar Summary

Concepts of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment are at the centre of the Teaching & Learning Programme's conceptual framework. This project focuses on one dimension of the triangle of relationships that link those concepts, the alignment and interactions between curriculum and assessment. The Assessment Reform Group*, which has initiated the project, has argued that assessment practices should be designed and implemented with the goal of achieving maximum validity both in terms of learning outcomes and learning processes and that those practices should help to advance learning as well as determine whether learning has occurred.

The project builds on the work of the TLRP Learning Outcomes Thematic Group, a key conclusion from which was the difficulty of assessing learning outcomes, however defined, in situations where ‘learning' had not been clearly conceptualised.

This seminar series aims to develop understanding of the relationship between curriculum and assessment, focusing in particular on those learning outcomes that are acknowledged as significant but are either excluded from, or inadequately represented in, conventional programmes of assessment. An initial seminar examined the generic issues involved, followed by a further five context-specific seminars:

  • A school subject: National Curriculum Mathematics in England .
  • Learning to learn: an EC project on indicators of learning to learn.
  • Workplace learning: UK .
  • Higher education: UK .
  • Vocational education: England .

The project team has been developing a framework paper and a conference paper for presentation at the BERA Annual Conference in London , September 2007.





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