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 Prof Richard Daugherty

 Richard Watermeyer
 School of Social Sciences
 Cardiff University



     Thematic Seminar Series

Assessment of Significant Learning Outcomes

Seminar Summary  Seminar Programme


Seminar Programme

This series of seminars on the Assessment of Significant Learning Outcomes (ASLO) has built on the work of the TLRP Learning Outcomes Thematic Group that was reported in a special issue of The Curriculum Journal in 2005, Vol. 16 No.1. A key conclusion from a review of TLRP projects at that point was the difficulty of assessing learning outcomes, however defined, in situations where ‘learning' had not been clearly conceptualised. As outlined in the project proposal the focus of this seminar series has been on the alignment and interactions between curriculum and assessment.

The seminars have been held over the period from November 2006 to October 2007. After an initial seminar examining the generic issues, there have been a further five seminars each focussing on a specific context:

For a full list of the papers that have been discussed at the ASLO seminars to date please click here.

The main points from seminars 1 to 4 were summarised in a project working paper in June 2007. The emerging insights are reported to a symposium on Future Directions in Student Assessment at the Annual Conference of the British Educational Research Association (BERA) in London on 6th September 2007 (BERA paper will be posted here in due course)..

The five members of the ASLO project team are:

Professor Richard Daugherty (Cardiff University)

Professor Paul Black (King's College, London)

Professor Kathryn Ecclestone (Oxford Brookes University)

Professor Mary James (Institute of Education, London)

Dr. Paul Newton (QCA, London)

They are supported by research assistant Richard Watermeyer (Cardiff University)




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