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  Prof. Sharon Gewirtz

 Department of Education and Professional Studies
 Kings College London

  Prof. Pat Mahony

 Department of Education
 Roehampton University




Thematic Seminar Series


Changing Teacher Roles, Identities and Professionalism

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Seminar 3

Conceptions of professionalism and professional knowledge

16 May 2005, King's College London


This seminar considers the contested concepts of professionalism and professional knowledge, the diverse ways in which they are conceptualised by teachers and the implications of workforce remodelling and new roles in schools for conceptions of professionalism and professional knowledge.

Seminar 3 Programme Details

Seminar 3 Abstracts

Chris Winch & Lorraine Foreman-Peck: ‘What do we mean by teachers' professionalism and professional knowledge? How useful are these concepts?'

Helen Colley & David James: ‘Un-becoming tutors: towards a dynamic notion of professional participation'

Jon Nixon: ‘Good Teachers? The integrity of academic practice'

Jacquie Nunn: ‘Remodelling the workforce: implications for teacher expertise and professional preparation'

Michael Young: ‘The assault on professional knowledge'

Seminar 3 Report

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