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 Dr Paul Howard-Jones

 University of Bristol
 Senate House
 Tyndall Ave
 BS8 1TH

 Tel:0117 9287025


Neuroscience Commentary

Series Website


     Thematic Seminar Series

Neuroscience, Human Development and Teaching

Dr Paul Howard-Jones ( University of Bristol )
Dr Sue Pickering ( University of Bristol )

Seminar Summary

This seminar series builds on the Blakemore and Frith report commissioned by the TLRP into the implications of neuroscience in education (Blakemore and Frith, 2000) and upon the work done by the OECD Brain and Learning Project (OECD, 2002).


The aims and objectives of the seminar series are:


  1. To review contemporary work in the associated fields of neuroscience and human development and consider the existing contributions offered by these fields to the study of key educational issues.
  2. To review the extent to which the fields of neuroscience and human development have successfully permeated educational thinking and to explore their potential and limitations in influencing our thinking about general teaching and learning Issues.
  3. To explore how theoretical perspectives arising from neuroscience and human development may conjoin with, and enrich, current theoretical frameworks in education.
  4. To identify the issues, opportunities and constraints that may arise in the near future as a result of advances in the fields of neuroscience and human development.
  5. To identify means by which research capacity in this interdisciplinary area call be developed, and to examine the theoretical, practical and strategic basis for research capacity building.



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