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Knowledge transformation and impact

  • TLRP's Communication and Impact Plan (Kanefsky, 2001)
  • Publications and Other Outputs (Workshops 2002/3, convened by Andrew Pollard, TLRP Output Portfolio, 2003)
  • Transformation and Impact A Thematic Group 2003/4 was convened by Andrew Pollard . (A special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Education 38 (1) March 2008 was co-edited by Andrew Pollard and John Gardner in 2008, and the introduction by John Gardner  and Andrew Pollard entitled Knowledge Transformation and impact (pp1-4) addressed the general question of how educational researchers can ‘make a difference’ in practice and policy fields. )
  • User engagement and the development of educational research An excellent TSS led by Anne Edwards held several sessions and resulted in an edited collection in 2007.
  • Since 2007 the Government and its research councils – especially the ESRC – have developed a greater commitment to user engagement, knowledge transfer or exchange and impact. In particular, the question of how to measure ‘research impact’ through forms of evaluation and the Research Excellence Framework (REF) from 2009 became a key issue for the research community. In this respect, TLRP has left a key legacy of ways of considering knowledge transformation and research impact.

Policy Task Groups
These were quick-response initiatives in relation to contemporary policy issues on which TLRP tried to make a worthwhile and formative, contribution.
In 2004, the Programme's first such group focused on Personalised Learning and produced a TLRP commentary on what was then a new concept guiding policy in England. Subsequent Policy Task Groups have addresses topics such as Science Education and 14-19 Education. All Commentaries can be found here

Publications related to this general theme are listed below:


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