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Learning processes

The theme of learning processes, like teaching processes, lay at the heart of TLRP and inevitably was crucially important across the whole programme. However, the various ways in which learning is conceptualised differs amongst the levels and sectors, and through the social science disciplines on which educational researchers rely. It may be conceptualized in relation to learning through various forms of educational – formal or informal - or social experience, whether in or out of the school or educational setting; be linked to aspects of the individual such as personalised, self-directed, or peer-related; or to some social form of ‘direction’ such as teacher-led, problem-based, programmed, parent involvement or cooperative and other forms of learning and the ways of measuring it through ‘outcomes’. It is illustrated most clearly with two of our principles, namely 6 and 7, viz

  • promotes the active engagement of the learner
  • fosters both individual and social processes and outcomes

We collected together various aspects of learning in:

  • the TLRP commentary on personalised learning, which takes up the issues of learner experiences and learner confidence to address public and policy debates on new forms of pedagogy for schools.
  • The thematic initiative which addressed the social scientific debates and controversies about types of learning experience, namely the seminar series on Neuroscience, Human Development and Teaching.

Examples of some TLRP projects clearly associated with various facets of this theme of learner identities and experiences are:

Two projects in the suite of Widening Participation to HE (see WP in HE commentary) foregrounded the socio-cultural theoretical and methodological approaches to learning:

Publications related to the general theme of learning processes are listed below:


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