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Research capacity development

TLRP was committed to working to enhance capacity for all forms of research on teaching and learning, and for research-informed policy and practice. This approach involved the collective production of web-based materials and the capacity section of this website provides resources, links and information to help promote, embed and sustain the development of research expertise within and beyond the TLRP community. It offers support for individuals and groups to share knowledge, tools and practices.

The capacity section provides an extensive range of resources, written by experienced educational researchers, describing the methodological resources they have found important and helpful in their work, together with examples of the ways they have used them. The focus is mainly on aspects of research on teaching and learning, and related concepts, within TLRP’s framework and the resources have been clustered under four broad headings:

These resources can also be searched by:

The resources indicated represent a systematic approach to capacity development but each TLRP project was also expected to make a contribution to capacity development and the following resources give an indication of the ways(some similar, some different) that TLRP project participants contributed to research capacity development:

The context of research capacity building within TLRP

The current context for research capacity building within TLRP is framed by the following paper: Towards new strategic initiatives for research capacity in education: a discussion paper (Andrew Pollard, Director, TLRP). The research capacity development strategy has evolved over time and builds on earlier initiatives led successively by Stephen Gorard and Gareth Rees (both then at the University of Cardiff) and Steve Baron (University of Strathclyde). The current approach is designed to support the progressive transfer of ‘ownership’ of capacity building processes by the social networks of educational research communities. For a brief account of the development of the capacity building strand of TLRP click here.

Zoe Fowler and Richard Procter focused mapped researchers’ experiences of capacity building within TLRP projects in the Mapping the Ripples project report

Publications related to this general theme are listed below:

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