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Teaching processes

What do effective teachers do?

That is, what can be identified in terms of the process of teaching, as likely to lead to learning? Early in its life, TLRP commissioned a report Pedagogic Research in Post-compulsory Education and this theme was continued by a thematic project  that focused on critical pedagogies, a notion that is associated with teaching methods that aim to enable social and political change, including feminist and multicultural pedagogies.

These ideas have been taken up within TLRP, and found their way into some of the evidence informed principles to guide policy and practice, including the need to support students' social and emotional progress, and the value of teachers' encouragement of learners' autonomy. In a research network project within Phase 1 of the programme, the aim was to open up new dimensions of classroom practice in ways that built upon students' own perspectives, identifying strategies for consulting students and involving them as researchers, and more generally, incorporating students' voices into pedagogic strategy.

A higher education phase project that has engaged with teaching processes sought to explore ways of enhancing learning in relation to class, gender and ethnic background; another focused on the enhancement of teaching and learning environements in higher education, focusing on the quality of undergraduate learning and how it is shaped by the environment/context in a range of scientific and humanities subjects.

In a study similarly focused on university students' learning, a Phase III project aimed to investigate students in three different subject domains (biology, business studies and sociology) to investigate how increasingly diverse HE provision is socially and organisationally mediated.

Other projects have sought to create and evaluate the role of metacognition in primary school learning, particularly in relation to classroom dialogue; assessing the effectiveness of groupwork at both primary and secondary levels, and investigate the design and implementation of a groupwork programme to enhance student attainment and attitudes.

Publications related to the general theme of teaching processes are listed below:

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