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Thematic Analysis

  • TLRP initiated a huge range of thematic initiatives between 2000 and the end of the programme in September 2009.
  • These initiatives worked across the Progamme’s many sectors and phases to add value to the research findings from the individual projects and across the phases.
  • Capacity building was a theme throughout the Programme. The thematic analyses took the form of seminars, meetings and working groups of selected experts, including policy critiques and practitioner developments, all facilitated by TLRP, and through both the Director’s team and individual project leaders.
  • The plethora of outputs were in a variety of forms of publication and web-based analyses. Examples included Commentaries, journal special issues, including journal papers and commissioned through edited collections, and other publications in either the Improving Learning or Improving Practice books or on websites.
  •  Between 2007 and 2009 thematic analysis gathered pace, and was developed at programme and phase or sector level, especially through Commentaries and special issues of journals, as well as edited collections.
  • Early examples of the specific thematic analyses included:

Epistemological basis of educational findings: Prof David Bridges
Assessment and indicators of learning outcomes: Prof Richard Daugherty
Social Diversity & Difference: Researching inequalities in teaching & learning: Prof Miriam David
Impact of social, economic, medical and environmental factors and interventions through the lifecourse: Prof Leon Feinstein
The use in educational research of large scale data sets: Dr Anna Vignoles
Project design for researching learning context, processes and outcomes: Prof David Gough
Teaching and learning policy in post-devolution UK contexts: Prof Ian Menter
Curriculum and domain knowledge Prof Bob McCormick
Reviewing Reviews: Prof Harry Torrance
Critical pedagogies: Dr Deborah Youdell

The use of new technologies in research development: Dr Patrick Carmichael
Transitions through the lifecourse: analysing the effects of identity, agency and structure: Prof Kathryn Ecclestone
Collaborating with users to develop educational research: Prof Anne Edwards, Professor Judy Sebba, Dr Mark Rickinson
Contexts, communities and networks: Mobilising learners' resources and relationships in different domains: Prof Richard Edwards
Changing teacher roles, identities and professionalism: Prof Sharon Gewirtz
Neuroscience, human development and teaching: Dr Paul Howard-Jones
Quality in educational research: Prof Gary Thomas

Communication, impact and knowledge transformation: Prof Andrew Pollard

Identifying learning outcomes: Prof Mary James
Teacher learning: Prof Mary James

Academic challenges for moral purposes: Prof Andrew Pollard

Theory and method for the improvement of teaching and learning: Prof Charles Desforges
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2000 paper






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